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We support the present and future of the asphalt industry

We Support the present and future of the asphalt industry


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Since 1966 DAPA has partnered with DELDOT to ensure quality, durable and innovative roadways in the state of Delaware. By becoming a DAPA member and actively participating in the association members can expect to gain advanced knowledge and inventive insight into today’s asphalt industry. The industry has consistently evolved through the years and DAPA has ensured that Delaware’s asphalt producers and contractors evolve with it. DAPA works closely with all its members sharing best paving practices, groundbreaking technologies, and quality testing procedures. Our founding members helped pave the future of Delaware’s asphalt industry and as a unified group we can continue to build, shape and form our state’s roads.



DelDOT Monthly Asphalt Cement Price
Effective August 1, 2019    

PG 64-22

FOB Philadelphia, PA

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